Dependable Personal Service since 1933

Borchard Lines is a British company and has been operating liner shipping services since 1933, whilst its origin as ship owners goes back to the 19th century.

Our services

Door to door services

True just in time logistics is vital to today‚Äôs economy. This is especially the case as online shopping continues to grow. It requires a dedication to providing door to door services which are not only cost-effective, but most of all dependable. Borchard Lines not only utilises its own trucking fleets but also long-standing relationships with […]

Moving your cargo via land services

Warehousing, ports, rail and trucking services all work different hours. Large ships depositing thousands of containers at once has not helped the supply chain. Smaller ships with direct calls and often higher frequency such as Borchard Lines offer, help to co-ordinate land and sea movements to provide just in time supply chains.

Cleaning & repair services

For twenty five years ABAC has been providing an independent, true one stop repair and cleaning facility for all type of ISO Containers, Intermodal Tanks and Road Tankers.

Find out more about our sailing schedules

Borchard Lines operate independent and joint liner services providing weekly sailings between numerous ports within Europe and the Mediterranean. With the emphasis on regularity and dependability, Borchard provides industry leading reliability with over 93% on time arrivals.