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Dependable Personal Service since 1933…

Borchard Lines is a British company and has been operating liner shipping services since 1933, whilst its origin as ship owners goes back to the 19th century.

Borchard Lines operate independent and joint liner services, providing weekly sailings between numerous ports in North Europe, West Coast UK and the Mediterranean.

As a company with strong values, Borchard Lines sees benefit in building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers in order to provide stability and to excel in their goals of operating services with regular sailings, unrivalled reliability, a high degree of personal service and reduced environmental impact.

Borchard Lines together with its numerous long-standing dedicated agents, including a number of own overseas offices, are able to provide door to door services and tailored logistics solutions. With its flat management structure and small size, the chain for decision making is short and customers can be assured of contact with a human being and swift handling of enquires.

How we operate

Market leading reliability

Through operating independent services with smaller ships, Borchard Lines are able to achieve levels of scheduled reliability competitive to road transport whilst maintaining competitive freight rates. Port agreements with work windows help to improve schedule reliability and reduce emissions by being able to arrive just in time and sail on time.

The operation of the independent network in conjunction with Partner services gives Borchard Lines greater ability to provide solutions for cargo affected by service interruptions such as strikes, port closures and bad weather.

Borchard Lines believes in prudent selection of vessel providers, suppliers and investments in equipment, IT and emissions abatement technology. Being independent allows Borchard Lines to match vessels to meet market demands without jeopardising reliability and enabling faster transit times to ports closer to the final destination of the cargo.

Adapting the vessel size to cargo volumes ensures that the right vessel is operated on the right service thereby minimising the emissions per TEU actually carried, whilst still providing a reliable fast service.

On-going investment in equipment ensures that containers are suitable to meet customer demands. An increasing number of 40’ Pallet Wide High Cube containers have entered the fleet helping customers to reduce cargo handling costs and overall shipping costs and emissions per pallet.

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Winter service – 96% on time; global average less than 50%


Punctual through 2023 – 94% on time

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EU Emission Trading System (ETS)