Punctual through 2023 – 94% on time


Borchard Lines has achieved average 94% schedule reliability in 2023. Working with clients, ports and inland haulage helps trade grow.

In the period 1st January to 31st December 2023, Borchard Lines’ schedule reliability has remained at its high levels, averaging between 94% on time. This is in comparison to a global industry average of 60-65%.

There are a couple of larger ports which are not managing to work efficiently. Often this is due to the very size of the large vessels they have to operate. On paper large vessels are more efficient, or deemed more environmentally friendly. In practice they create ever more trans-shipment requirements and do not meet their berthing windows due to the large number of containers they discharge and load. Moreover, they add to congestion landside and additional costs to ports.

Smaller ships such as in the Line’s services, offering frequency, reliability and personal service do not offer economies of scale. They do provide clients together with valued partners such as ports and truckers a proper and consistent supply chain.

Click on below image to view Borchard Lines’ Reliability KPI.

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